Looking for some of the best firearm cleaning products on the planet? You’ve found the right place. Our goal is to offer top notch non-toxic firearm cleaning & maintenance products. We’ve started delivering on that goal by releasing¬†Gun Elixir, a bio-oil CLP, and Silicone Shield, a silicone protectant cloth.

Our US made products offer you the best value for your dollar. Gun Elixir provides you with all the benefits you expect from a bio-oil CLP, but it doesn’t solidify like some products on the market. We like our lubricants to remain liquid. We also know that you probably just wipe down your gun with a CLP before you put it away, and that’s ok. However, we want to offer you a better experience. While Gun Elixir is designed to be an excellent cleaner, lubricant, and protectant, it is really designed for the internal components of your firearms. If you want to protect the outside, sure Gun Elixir will offer a degree of protection like other CLPs, but the exterior of your firearm is where Silicone Shield really shines. Silicone Shield is a cloth embedded with a silicone protectant. Whether it has the factory bluing, chrome, parkerizing, aftermarket Cerakote, or some other cutting edge coating, Silicone Shield will allow you to protect your firearm’s finish.

If you have any questions, make sure you drop us a line on our contact page.